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This section aims to share with all the volunteers what’s happening in Aunua Academy. Successful and ongoing activities, events, and volunteering opportunities.

That’s the space for you to understand what we do in practice and potentially have ideas on how we can improve and help each other.

Write to us in case you would like to volunteer for such activities, we are always happy to welcome new members to our projects!



Aunua Academy on Spotify


Podcasts are a modern way of offering quality content in a very practical way. Our podcasts are designed by experts in the field of education and mental health. We carefully select easy to digest content that can be listened to on top of busy routines, for parents and kids. 

Our audience is encouraged to hear the supportive voice of our community, and learn how to handle challenging situations at home, school, work.


Aunua Guided Meditations

Guided meditations designed to help you live in harmony with all of your emotions. These episodes are developed by Marisa Lmon in collaboration with Aunua. She is a creative developer and public speaker with a demonstrated history of working in human services. Skilled in Mindfulness, Meditation, Public Speaking, Songwriting, and Music Production. A strong business development professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Community and Environmental Planning, with a focus on Youth in Communities, from the University of New Hampshire. Aunua Talks. Educational & Inspirational talks with experts in the fields of psychology, education, environmental issues, and emotional well-being.


Aunua Talks

Educational & Inspirational talks with experts in the fields of psychology, education, environmental issues, and emotional well-being.











Emotional Health & Well-being Series with Belouga


Belouga is one of our biggest partners, and on this series of webinars, our goal is to bring mental health awareness to the community.

A mental health awareness initiative bringing together the education community, for the community and by the community when we all need it the most.

New episode every Thursday evening at 7 pm at Belouga’s platform!








Erin's Diary


The original Erin's diary was inspired by Karina’s daughter Sophia, at age 11, when she sketched Erin's story based on her own likeness.

Our main goal with this project is to create content for kids, and potentially space where kids can share their own stories and inspire each other.


Dear Diary, 



Unfortunately, at the moment, this project is on hold, and we are looking for a volunteer to take ownership.






Social Media


Keep up to date on the latest news and content from Aunua Team. Our social media channels let you know everything that is happening! From Spotify podcasts, Monday Motivation, Erin's Diary to partner updates, there is plenty of content to keep you at the forefront of Aunua news.

Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!







Living Magazine


Aunua Living Magazine is a digital magazine with inspirational content, personal stories, advice, and recipes. This is all to bring you fresh well-being insights! 

Read our last editions open-heartedly. 






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