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These faces are spreading Aunua's voice around the world and creating awareness on the topics of mental health and well-being in synchrony with our values. 




Simon Anholt has advised governments of nearly sixty countries and cities. Over the last twenty years, helping them to engage more productively with the international community.

He’s the author of six books and created the Good Country Index. an annual ranking that measures the contribution of each country to humanity and the planet. 






Two times Bestselling Author, Disabled Advocate, Life Coach, and International Inspirational Speaker. Tracey now assists people to gain confidence, feel better connected, and create the life that they deserve.






Content producer and director with over 10 years of experience working in the film & television industry.






Dublin born Singer/Songwriter, who has immersed himself in music his entire life, bred on every genre of music from big band to acoustic rock, which is evident in his own bold and dynamic songs.






Isabelle represents many young people that get lost along the way and yet, with the courage to ask for help, life can restart a new chapter and open up new possibilities. Isabelle is a born survivor with a special gift and that's one that brings new hope and inspiration.






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